Vue Rajkot

A Vue meetup in Rajkot, India.


Vue is the approachable, versatile and performant progressive javascript framework.


You should attend if:

  • You're new to frontend / frameworks, e.g.
    • Backend engineers
    • Folks working with jQuery
    • Folks working on Angular / React but are keen to explore the buzz around Vue!
  • You're about to start a new project, e.g.
    • Working in a start-up where you want to quickly experiment with things (Vue is an easy-to-pick frontend framework with documented ways of doing common things)
    • Working in a large company and are evaluating options
  • You're already working on Vue and want to connect with like-minded people

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Past Meetups

#1 Hello Rajkot

Venue: R. K. University (see on map)
Time: Sun Dec 15 2019, 10am - 2pm

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